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In-Circuit Emulator / DEEMAX / P-ICE80532-4T

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An idea emulator for 8031, 8032, 8034, 8038, 8051, 8052, 8054, 8058 and W77 series of Winbond.

    • 4T machine cycle, 40MHz
    • It can emulate MCU of 8031, 8032, 8034, 8038, 8051, 8052, 8054, 8058 and W77 series of Winbond(77C32, 77E58, 77E516, 77E532).
    • 4 clocks/machine cycle runs up to 40MHz.
    • 64K CODE and 64K XDATA emulation memory.
    • One extra 4-bit I/O Ports.
    • Additional 4 external interrupts share with P1.4~P1.7.
    • 2 enhanced full duplex serial ports.
    • 1 KB on-chip SRAM for MOVX instruction.
    • Programmable Watchdog Timer.
    • Dual 16-bit DPTR.
    • USB(Support Windows 2000/XP)
      P-ICE uses standard Windows USB drivers. The driver is supported by Windows 2000/XP operating systems directly.
      Plug-and-Play, no additional or DEEMAX P-ICE drivers are required.
    • 64KB Program/64KB Data with Optional extended bank function for hugeprogram(refer to the EXT532/EXB532).
    • Memory mapping With Internal/External attribute is supported.
    • Unlimitted breakpoints, program execution can be stopped, allowing the register and memory to be inspected and modified.
    • Hardware execution breakpoints can stop the program execution on exact instruction fetch cycle.
    • 64 K the trace buffer for use to record all the signals on the microprocessor bus, including Address/Data/Control/External signals.
    • Combined with qualifiers, the traced data can be filtered. This allows you to select the required processor address, data, status or external signals while eliminating unwanted information.
    • Three events consist of a combination of address, data, control, match count and external signals. (Single, wildcard and range are supported.)
    • Three hardware levels for a sequential event trigger (IF-THEN-) with trace on/off or delay option (for trace operation). Each level can be set on OR/AND combinations.
    • 8 input external signals.
    • Hardware Stack trace with Stack-Guard.
    • Include all of EXT532 functions.
    • 64 banks(64K X 64) emulation memory for CODE.
    • Support 256 banks for user's CODE/XDATA memory.
  • SOFTWARE SUPPORT: DEEMAX WUIT (WUIT-User Interface Tool For Windows)
    • Ten powerful windows: Command, Program, Register, Memory, Watch, Local, Browse, Trace, Stack, Status.
      The contents in Windows are update automaticaly and shown in RED color to remind users the data had been changed on the last operation.
    • All windows available for Docking/Floating and support Drag-Drop between windows. And they work intuitively and conveniently.
    • 'Command Guiding Bar' supports menu operation of All commands. It enables novices to use commands easily, whereas experienced engineers can use it to have a good command of WUIT swiftly.
    • Procedural statements lead development work into automation.
    • Smart download speed up code downloading.
    • To view program path by Call-Stack.
    • Support sole 'Debug Procedure' language. It used for automatic debugging.
    • Support High level debug(Keil C51 and IAR C51 compiler are available).
    • Instant tool tip supported by Program Window. Whenever the mouse cursor is moved to a variable (or a selected numeric expression), an instant tool tip will appear, showing the value of the variable or the numeric expression.
    • Work Space store/restore serialize your debugging job.

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